Mini Orchid Boat

Mini Orchid Boat
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Colours Available This Week: Purple, White, Sunset Pink

These Baby Phalaenopsis Orchids are a sweet, elegant gift. These lovely flowering plants have multiple buds and can last for months with minimal care. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving! Each comes in a white ceramic boat shaped pot.

Light levels: These little beauties will thrive in temperate conditions (preferably away from direct airflow from air-conditioners/heaters), and in a brightly lit spot out of direct sunlight. 

Watering: Water your orchid with a spray of water once a week and then allow it to dry out a little before watering again. Be careful not to overwater orchids or leave them to sit in a waterlogged pot. This will deprive the roots of oxygen and cause the plant to suffocate and rot. Less water is definitely more when dealing with orchids.


Each plant is unique, so plant may differ from the picture above.