Peace Lily

Peace Lily
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The much-loved Peace Lily - so pretty and so forgiving when neglected! These ones look so good paired with a designer Evergreen Collective bower pot valued at $69.

The Peace Lily is one of the most commonly known houseplants. In warmer climates some species of Spathiphyllum are suitable for humid shade borders.

Light Levels: Peace lilies prefer bright filtered natural light. However, the peace lily is tolerant of low light levels making it an excellent houseplant. It can be used outdoors in warm humid areas with filtered light or partial shade. Exposure to direct light may cause yellowing leaves with a burnt appearance. 

Watering: Overwatering is a common problem with Peace lilies. They prefer if soil is kept moist, but not wet.

Air purifying: The Peace lily is well recognised for as one of the best natural indoor air-purifiers, particularly in stripping nasty volatile organic chemicals (VOC) from the air.