Flower Care

It's wonderful you've received a flower delivery! Here's a few tips on making sure your flowers live long, happy lives.

For Flower Bouquets

If your flowers were delivered in a water pouch (with gel beads) they will actually be quite happy in there for the duration of your hospital stay. Just make sure the bunch stays upright. If you would like to put the flowers into a vase, make sure it is clean and rinsed well. Fill the vase about 3/4 full of fresh, cold water. Trim the stems of the bouquets if you want to - it helps them drink up the water better.

If your flowers were delivered in a vase, you're all set. Just change the water in the vase every second day to keep your flowers happy. 

Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight, and away from heat sources too.

For Flower Arrangements

Your flowers have been arranged into floral foam which has been well soaked. You need to make sure it stays soaked with water. Each day add about 200ml of water to your arrangement in the middle where the stems are. Depending on the weather and air-conditioning, you may need to add a little more or less water.